7 Days of Fall Decor: Day 3 - Fall Candle Arrangements Part 2

I love hurricane vases - they are so versatile and classic, and perfect for every season. And you can find them at very affordable prices at Homesense (or Homegoods in the US).

I have these gorgeous vases flanking my stove. During the summer I filled them with lemons and limes, but since it is fall it was time for a change. But I wanted to stay with the food theme, since they are in my kitchen.

Hurricane vase
Pillar candle
1 bag of red kidney beans
1 bag of yellow lentils
1 bag of green peas

Pour dried peas, then beans, then lentils into the vase and place your candle on top. I love how they colourful they are, and super simple and easy!

This was day 3 in my 7 days of fall decor series. Be sure to check out my other posts in the series here.

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